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Title: nature (sequel to suck it and see)
Author: future 
Rating: NC-17
Genre: au, fluff, smut
Other pairings: mentions of kris/suho, kris/luhan, chanyeol/chen
Summary: yi fan and chanyeol understand one another

Chanyeol feels stupid whenever he goes shopping, no matter if he’s in gas stations on tour or just plain grocery shopping for home.”

suck it and see

Title: suck it and see
Author: futurebruises
Rating: NC-17
Genre: au, crack, smut
Other pairings: slight sehun/luhan
Summary: kris convinces chanyeol to suck his dick when he insists it’s something straight guys do in canada all the time

Yi Fan can make Chanyeol do anything.”

Come and Put Me Out

Title: Come and Put Me Out
Author: g_odalisque13
Rating: NC-17
Genre: au, smut
Other pairings: N/A
Summary: Yifan had long since given up on getting what he really wanted.

"Yifan eased his way into Chanyeol’s pliant body, hands gripping his hips and eyes transfixed on the way his lover’s muscles flexed under the skin of his back."


hi guys!
thank you to everyone who responded to our last post! we’ve read your comments and the admins agree that, despite the issue surrounding kris’ fate within the group, krisyeolfanfiction shall remain open~ 
posting will hopefully resume tomorrow, though will be irregular for the next few weeks due to the admins having several exams each. 

see you soon!
- admins

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hello followers!
you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been pretty absent from the blog recently, and that’s due to a mixture of reasons. one of the main reasons is that both admins are entering exam season, and thus are devoting most of their time to studying.
however the biggest issue surrounding krisyeolfanfiction is whether we should continue it after the news of kris’ departure from exo, as we’re not exactly sure how to deal with the news in terms of the blog. 
which is why we’re putting the question of whether we should continue up to you guys! if people wish for us to continue posting, we’ll most likely take a short hiatus (with occasional posting) until exam season is over, and hopefully resume regular posting then. or, if you would prefer this, we’ll put the blog on permanent hiatus (but leave everything up).

what do you guys think?

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Break and Melt

Title: Break and Melt
Author: officiallykris
Rating: NC-17
Genre: au, smut
Other pairings: N/A
Summary: In which Chanyeol’s body is not his own.

Kris likes to fuck Chanyeol on his back, long legs spread wide, one knee hooked over Kris’s elbow.

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felt the jolts in my bones

Title: felt the jolts in my bones
Author: gdgdbaby
Rating: NC-17
Genre: au, smut
Other pairings: N/A
Summary: chanyeol just doesn’t like kris.

Chanyeol sometimes entertains the idea that, in an alternate universe, they could’ve been friends.”

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what’s your sine, sweetheart?

Title: what’s your sine, sweetheart?
Author: anon @ exopromptmeme
Rating: PG-13
Genre: au, crack, romance
Other pairings: implied kaisoo, hunhan
Summary: in which kris is the hot student council member and chanyeol, the class clown/lowly peasant, has the hots for her. 

When Chanyeol enters Room 5-202, the room Junmyeon had told him Mu Alpha Theta would be held, he decides he’s going to dread the next two hours he will have to be tutored for.”

no more hot-headed saturdays

Title: no more hot-headed saturdays
Author: pageandpetals
Rating: NC-17
Genre: au, romance, smut
Other Pairings: N/A
Summary: Air conditioning is the one thing that separates us from the beasts.

"“All right, that’s enough,” Chanyeol says loudly from her spot in front of the fan, eyes closed."

Make Some Noise

Title: Make Some Noise
Author: parthenope_sing
Rating: NC-17
Genre: general, romance, smut
Other pairings: N/A
Summary: Sex isn’t the very first thing on Chanyeol’s To-Do list when Kris finally returns from Korea, but it’s definitely within the top five.

Chanyeol tilts his head back, exhaling when Kris swallows him all the way down, lips stretching obscenely around his length.”