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Title: —- 
Author: wakinghyde 
Rating: PG-13 
Genre: general, romance
Other pairings: N/A
Summary: -

And one day, Chanyeol decided he wanted to have sex with Kris.”

25 Bucks on a Starbucks Card

Title: 25 Bucks on a Starbucks Card
Author: lababoreine
Rating: PG-13
Genre: au, crack, humour, romance
Other pairings: sekai
Summary: 25 fu— bucks!

Last year, Kris filled out the housing form late, so he ended up being assigned randomly.”

hold my heart (in your hands)

Title: hold my heart (in your hands)
Author: 181cms
Rating: R
Genre: au, romance, smut
Other pairings: N/A
Summary: imagine two totally heterosexual guys in a totally heterosexual friendship wherein sometimes they will lock themselves in a bathroom stall and stick their hands down each other’s pants and that’s their relationship in a nutshell. 

Chanyeol meets Wufan in his first year and it goes a bit like this:”

Check Me Out

Title: Check Me Out
Author: zombiecheeze
Rating: NC17
Genre: general, smut
Other pairings: hints of baekyeol, baeksoo
Summary: Chanyeol thinks Kris looks so damn good in his suit.  Kris doesn’t think he’ll do anything about it, so he takes matters into his own hands.

At first, it’s the smell of Kris’s cologne that catches Chanyeol’s attention when he walks past; it’s just a whiff of musky, smoky, sultry scent, but the lingering impact it has on his body lodges itself in his brain for the rest of the night, the sudden pleasurable twist low in his belly always just beneath the simmer of his thoughts.”

'Cause I know you really want me, I hear your friends talk about me

Title: ‘Cause I know you really want me, I hear your friends talk about me
Author: pillowfrost 
Rating: NC17
Genre: au, smut
Other pairings: N/A
Summary: Kris and Chanyeol holiday at an onsen and there is sexytimes. Sort of.

Kris raises his eyes at the yukata that’s provided by the guesthouse and shakes his head.”

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thank you both!
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Anonymous asked : rough few weeks for the admins?

Sadly yes, school work’s coming in by the bucket load so fandom things in general have taken a back seat ;; 
Admin K has a few fics to schedule, I’ll get her on it and hopefully have some more up by tomorrow night!

- Admin C

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Anonymous asked : Hi I started reading a ff then lost it and I was wondering if you've heard of it? It starts w/ chanyeol & onew climbing a mountain but then an avalanche happens and chanyeol hurts his leg & takes cover in a cave where he meets Kris whos a werewolf.

Neither of the admins have read this before, can any other readers help?

- Admin C

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krisummer067 asked : hey. do you know some krisyeol fanfictions based on reality?

We tag any fics set in the canon verse with general!

- Admin C

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teuklicious asked : Hey~ im looking for a fic whr chanyeol is a new maid in kris's mansion and kai is kris lil bro & likes d.o (the cook) and hunhan r emploees too & they sneak out 2go 2a bar but they get pretty drunk so kris had 2pick them up... sry i cant rmb much;^;

So sorry for the late reply!
Neither of the admins have heard of this, can anyone else help?

- Admin C

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